Network Monitoring

and Control

No more unnoticed areas in your IT landscape with our Network Monitoring module. It continuously monitors and analyzes the performance, user experience, and delivery of applications in IT infrastructures. It also looks at the general performance of (SD) WANs, providing accurate and easy-to-understand analytical information. Get instant insight into which application and which user(s) are causing issues on your network.

Network Performance Monitoring


Predict capacity needs and the impact of application upgrades using trend analysis


Protect your network stability and business continuity with Network Monitoring (you can’t manage what you can’t see)


Perform better on meeting SLAs and network performance in general

Complete insight into what happens within your network

Get complete insight into the behavior of services and applications that use your IT infrastructure for wide area networks (WANs). On top of that, provide relevant information to help improve the network performance and efficiency for business-critical services and processes. Simplify your network visibility by integrating your crucial network devices into one hybrid monitoring suite.

Holistic Network Overview

Streamline your network visibility with a hybrid monitoring suite that integrates all your critical network devices. Optimize troubleshooting with unique overall dashboards and deep-dive dashboards per device. Decrease troubleshooting costs and war rooms by using one tool for all hybrid WAN devices as the single truth.


· Simplify your network visibility

· Optimize troubleshooting time

· Decrease troubleshooting costs

Holistic Network Overview
Full Reporting Capabilities

Full Reporting Capabilities

Schedule and automate your performance reports to share crucial data with stakeholders. The integrated heat chart makes it easy to identify capacity or performance issues on the fly. Get a capacity overview for all your sites to discover trends and capacity needs.


· Automate and share reports

· Integrated heat chart

· Discover trends and capacity needs

Our approach

The Sceptr platform gives you a holistic cybersecurity approach. Sceptr’s platform helps enterprises have complete visibility and control over their applications across their IT infrastructures. Our modules continuously monitor and analyze the performance, user experience, and delivery of applications in IT infrastructures. They also look at the general performance of WANs, providing accurate, easy-to-understand insights. Know how your DNS traffic will be affected when making changes to your network.

Sceptr can help you gain insights and predict issues before they occur. Accept that you can’t manage what you can’t see, and let us help you detect the undetected. We will protect you from cyber-attacks by detecting deviations that indicate suspicious activity.

Sceptr approach

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