Anomaly Detection

Detect the undetected

Sceptr detects and identifies anomalous activity in all your data sources. Our unique approach offers a comprehensive view of your internal network traffic, allowing you to quickly pinpoint and address any deviating behavior. Our solution is designed to detect the undetected and give you unparalleled visibility and control over your network and its security. Anomaly Detection will benefit you greatly whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise.

Sceptr - Detect the undetected


Use historical data to predict future traffic flow and detect anomalies


Unexpected traffic patterns and volume helps you detect the attacker in you network


Use anomaly detection to gain insights for Application Lifecycle Management and performance problems

Providing a unique view on internal network traffic

Sceptr’s Anomaly Detection module detects anomalous behavior in time series data using machine learning algorithms. The module is applied to various data sources, providing a unique view of internal network traffic and detecting insider threats. Analyzing network traffic patterns offers early warning of potential security incidents, allowing proactive measures to be taken. Our software improves your organization’s overall security posture and reduces the impact of cyber attacks.

Unique time series algorithm taking human behavior into account

Detecting anomalous behavior in time series data is critical to protecting your organization from cyber threats. The Anomaly Detection module uses a unique time series algorithm that incorporates the latest machine learning insights and takes typical human behavior into account. These algorithms improve the model’s accuracy, allowing your organization to pinpoint detection and collection techniques, lateral movement, and command and control communication. With a wide range of data sources, you get a unique view of internal network traffic, allowing you to quickly spot dormant actors before they strike.


· Time series data

· Latest machine learning insights used

· Unique view of internal network traffic

Human behavior
Holistic view of all WAN data

Holistic view of all WAN data using existing network devices

Imagine getting a broad view of all the detected cyber threats before they harm your organization, wouldn’t that be great? Sceptr’s Anomaly Detection uses existing WAN devices to find anomalies in classified data, providing a holistic view that eliminates blind spots in your IT landscape. Using existing data sources, you can detect advanced hacks that have passed your initial defenses and are preparing to attack your organization. This improves your chance of detecting threats before they cause damage.


· Using existing data sources

· Finding anomalies from WAN devices

· Improved chances to detect the undetected

High-fidelity alerts based on anomalous network behavior

Sceptr’s module utilizes NetFlow data instead of network probes to generate alerts based on anomalous network behavior, providing a more holistic view of your organization’s threats. By avoiding intrusive probes that could disrupt your network operations, Sceptr delivers accurate and relevant data that enables you to proactively mitigate security risks. Trust in Sceptr’s sophisticated approach to network security and stay ahead of potential threats.


· No intrusive probes

· Limiting false positives

· Actionable alerts

High fidelity alerts

How we do it

Sceptr gives you a holistic cybersecurity approach. It helps you to have complete visibility and control over your applications across your IT infrastructures. Our platform continuously monitors and analyzes application performance, user experience, delivery, and WAN performance, providing accurate and easy-to-understand insights. By gaining insights and predicting issues before they occur, Sceptr enables you to manage your IT landscape proactively.

Sceptr helps you gain insights and predict issues before they occur. Acknowledge that managing what you can’t see is impossible, and empower yourself to detect the undetected with our assistance. We’ll protect you from cyber-attacks by detecting deviations that indicate suspicious activity.

Sceptr approach

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