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Whitepaper Sceptr

The Intersection of Performance and Security

In today’s digital landscape, achieving optimal network performance while maintaining strong security is a critical challenge for organizations. This whitepaper explores the challenges at this intersection and presents strategies for ensuring optimal network performance and security.

This is what you will read about in our whitepaper.

  • Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)
  • 5 benefits of good network management
  • The value of the Sceptr platform
Leaflet Sceptr

A single pane of glass

Focusing solely on security may compromise performance, user experience and business productivity. This is where combining security and performance monitoring becomes crucial. At Sceptr, we enable the power of holistic cybersecurity, so you can manage your network and detect security threats from inside out.

This is what you will read about in our leaflet.

  • Sceptr’s value

  • Our promises

  • Our approach

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