The Standard by Which We Run Our Company

We nurture our culture where innovation and learning are fundamental. Our experience has taught us that the IT landscape is constantly changing. By integrating the company values into our day-to-day practices, we ensure we are always ahead of the curve.

At Sceptr we believe that pushing boundaries is the key to growth. Both personally and professionally

Company culture

Company Culture

We are known for our go-to reputation as we are responsive, knowledgeable, available, solution-oriented, and flexible. We are proud of what we do, with a focus on quality products and services, happy customers, and a strong sense of comradery among colleagues. Our proactive approach allows us to spot and resolve issues before customers notice, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

As a knowledge partner, we know the NDR and NPM markets inside out and bring 15+ years in business to the table. With these values at the heart of our culture, we have built a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

How we do things is what makes us unique


The experience we gained over the years is proven valuable and the key to successful projects and implementations.


With the combination of knowing both the NPM and NDR market inside out, we are a knowledgeable team.


We know that every network is unique, and therefore the importance of being flexible in our approach. By working together we get the best for your network.


If you need us, we are here for you. Availability is important to us since it creates trust and opportunities for your success.

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The faces behind Sceptr

Teun CEO



Starting his career at BT, Teun has developed into an all-round professional in IT Business and Commercial Management.

Having held several positions at HP Inc. and Samsung, he is keen to use his 15+ years of experience as a driving force in the growth of Sceptr.

People know Teun Levering as a down-to-earth leader with an ambitious drive for results.



After finishing his Ph.D. in Computer Science, Tim started working as a leading software engineer for start-up companies.

With over 30 years of experience in software development, he brings the capability to translate the customer’s needs into technical solutions to the team.

Mischa COO



Mischa is a real motivator and runs the Operations department with a focus on Customer Experience and Operational Excellence. His experience and strong technical background help Mischa to manage highly skilled professionals in an inspiring way.

By prioritizing security, performance, innovation and DevOps, Mischa excels at delivering successful cloud services. He takes a holistic approach considering people, processes, products and has a sharp understanding of the commercial impact.



Not your typical marketing guru. Emile has a very diverse background in logistics, product- & project management before pivoting into his role as CMO for Sceptr.

As the Benjamin of the management team he brings an unconventional point of view. He challenges beliefs, while striving to find the perfect product-market fit to create the most value for our customers.

Emile Sceptr
Sverre - Sceptr



This guy breathes SaaS. With positions at various early-stage startups and high-growth scale-ups, Sverre has extensive experience when it comes to scaling software companies.

Although number-crunching is part of his job as a CFO, he’s not a typical bean counter. He enjoys discussing growth tactics and understanding the key business drivers that enable our continued growth.

It’s better together

The Sceptr platform gives you a holistic cybersecurity approach. Our modules continuously monitor and analyze the performance, user experience and delivery of applications in IT infrastructures. This also applies to the general performance of WANs, providing up-to-the-minute, easy-to-understand insights.
Sceptr can help you gain insights and predict issues before they occur. Accept that you can’t manage what you can’t see and let us help you detect the undetected.

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