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We have seen both the Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Network Detection and Response (NDR) market grow and mature, but it seems the next phase is upon us. Where lines between markets blur and the objectives of the provided solutions align, Sceptr brings value. We deliver insights on performance, user experience, and application delivery based on network data. In addition, this information will be used to identify anomalous network behavior. This may indicate cyber threats, configuration errors or other undesirable actors or events.

As two markets move towards each other, Sceptr positions itself right in the middle. Where we are breaking down silos and giving your organization one holistic overview of what is happening in your network.

Sceptr - Combining strengths


Predict effects of application updates and changes in traffic


Protect your network stability and business continuity from threats


Perform better on meeting SLAs and network performance in general


Predict network and application behavior based on historical data. Sceptr helps you to get in-depth insights into your IT landscape using network data. This allows organizations to quickly identify trends and perform capacity planning, all crucial for application lifecycle management.


Protect your business from within. Building up a fence around your IT infrastructure is no longer sufficient; malicious users always find a way to get in. Once inside, most organizations struggle to identify their adversaries; breaches go undetected for a long period of time. Using Sceptr’s solutions, your network becomes the source of information that helps you detect the undetected.


Digital transformation has turned your IT organization into the engine that drives your business: it is imperative to be available and performant. Your network is like a blueprint where everything comes together. Sceptr’s solutions give you complete visibility and control over your network. Detect failures and performance issues quickly and take action to resolve problems using near real-time, actionable insights.

Let’s join forces

Do you have any inquiries? We are here for you. Sceptr continuously monitors and analyzes the performance, user experience, and delivery of applications in IT infrastructures, as well as the overall performance of wide area networks (WANs), providing up-to-date and understandable analytical information. Using Sceptr’s state-of-the-art Network Behavior Anomaly Detection, organizations gain quick insights into potential performance and cybersecurity incidents. This allows you to timely detect malicious intrusions into internal networks and ensure the continuity of your critical business processes.

If you want more insight into your network, to better predict potential issues, or protect your critical business processes from threats, contact Sceptr. Our experts can’t wait to secure your business processes.

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Your single pane of glass

Sceptr’s solution combines Network Performance Monitoring with Network Detection and Response into a single pane of glass. This approach simplifies and streamlines security operations for your business, enabling security analysts to monitor, detect and respond to potential threats more efficiently and effectively. With this holistic approach, you immediately get insight into what is causing problems in your IT landscape.

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Wield the Sceptr over your systems with our expert network performance and security monitoring solutions

Our promises

Every organization should be able to trust its network to be safe and efficient and ensure the continuous delivery of its business-critical applications. Our mission is to ensure you achieve this. We collect network data throughout your IT infrastructure and turn this data into actionable insights that allow you to make the right decisions. Using the Sceptr platform, your network becomes the single source of information for both performance and security. Don’t let adversaries and problems go on undetected: predict, protect, and perform.

The faces behind Sceptr

Our platform is built by cybersecurity & performance experts who protect your business from any digital danger. With years of experience in various fields, our team has the expertise to secure and analyze your essential business processes and give you all the tools and support you need to stay ahead of the game. Discover the full extent of our team’s knowledge and let us help you navigate the ever-evolving world of performance monitoring and cybersecurity.

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